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Image inspiring you to visit the United States

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Welcome to Breakfast and a Bed!

We are a B&B Website specifically designed to aid travelers in finding real Bed and Breakfasts in the of a world overrun by the unregulated vacation rental market. Here, you will only locate and find real Bed and Breakfasts in the United States.

Don't forget to use the Search field below to find a Bed and Breakfast! You can type anything from "Hiking Boulder Colorado" to "Fishing in Tennessee," or simply try a search by the City, State, or Country such as "Atlanta Georgia USA."

Book a Bed and Breakfast and Leave Hotel Breakfast Behind!

Are you tired of hotel powdered eggs? Tired of the same old sausage links? Well, you will finally look forward to breakfast again at our B&Bs. Not only will the breakfast be fantastic, the owners will adjust your breakfast if you have a dietary preference such as gluten free restriction. Try getting that service at a normal hotel for a breakfast, especially while you’re waiting in line to get another yogurt in a plastic container. Don’t settle for less, our B&Bs have fresh breakfast served every day, and many offer farm fresh vegetable, eggs, and meat prepared deliciously! So, if you need energy for an adventurous adrenaline filled day, always stay at a bed and breakfast featured on Breakfast and a Bed!

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Featured Bed and Breakfasts

Image inspiring you to visit the United States

US Bed and Breakfasts 2024

The Bed and Breakfasts in the United States are a unique collection of eclectic lodging that can be found nowhere else in the world. From California to New York City, you will find no better accomodations than here at Breakfast and a Bed. A B&B is generally defined as a small licensed accommodation that provides a quality lodging experience and a homestyle or a gourmet breakfast. US B&Bs are sometimes called Boutique Inns, Boutique Hotels, Historic Inns, and sometimes Historic Manors. There are numerous property styles and unique B&B characteristics to fit any traveler.US B&Bs are usually between 3 to 15 rooms, and therefore, are less crowded than hotels, allowing guests to enjoy a personalized authentic experience.

Personalized service, an intimate environment, and a fabulous catered complimentary breakfast along with comfortable accommodations are the three major components of your superb stay at any US B&B destination. USA B&Bs are great places to explore unique less crowded destinations where local hosts can guarantee you the best ways to explore “off the beaten path” hidden gems only locals know about. Best secrets of authentic experiences, fun things to do, and best restaurants are always recommended by your local hosts who can save you time and money by making advance reservations, organizing tours, and providing tips unparalleled to TripAdvisor that will help you avoid mistakes and utilize your time in the most efficient way while exploring the area. Most importantly, most B&B owners and hosts are happy to assist you with organizing all these traveling packages absolutely free of charge where you pay for your tours directly to the city or national park tour guide vs a third agency, avoiding high commissions of online travel agents.

Image inspiring you to visit the United States

Healthy Breakfasts

Are you tired of Hotel Chain Breakfasts? We have authentic breakfasts that will always cater to your dietary restrictions. Bed and Breakfast owners go out of their way to ensure you are happy with your stay, and more importantly, your Gourmet Breakfast. Our locations provide healthy vegetarian, vegan, keto, dairy free, gluten free, or any other reasonable requests for your specific dietary needs, and if your prefer traditional breakfast, no problem- we can do that too!

Many B&Bs offer “breakfast in bed” options that allows guests to enjoy an intimate breakfast setting, or guests may choose a communal style breakfast for those wishing to have conversations with the owners and other guests. Also, some bed and breakfast can arrange for a “breakfast to go” for those who prefer a great home- made gourmet breakfast "to-go." USA Bed and Breakfasts provide you with breakfast experiences in a fine dining or a casual homestyle atmosphere while serving the best high-quality complimentary breakfasts, and of course, offering superb quality in comparison to mundane chain hotel experiences.

Image inspiring you to visit the United States

Find Real B&Bs

Search through our Bed and Breakfasts and find the unique experience you're looking for to escape on a quick vacation, romantic getaway, or quick outdoor adventure. You can also use our search function to help you find Real Bed and Breakfasts. The United States B&Bs are not just for a peaceful lodging experience, they can also be a vacation destination. With the pools, trails, and scenic vistas at some B&Bs, you may just want to stay within the vicinity of the B&B and simply relax and enjoy the experience. Also, some B&Bs are so close to National Parks that you feel as if you're in the park during your stay!

Your Complimentary breakfast is always included in your stay, which is a great value added. Moreover, various dietary needs are mostly accommodated by your caring innkeepers, including vegan, vegetarian, keto, gluten free, or sugar free options. US features a variety of “Farm to Table”, meaning a specific B&B has milk cows, goats, or chickens, with fresh ingredients being incorporated into your menu; Vegan and vegetarian B&Bs that focus on healthy meat free and animal cruelty free breakfast products, and eco-friendly Bed and Breakfasts that care about the origin of your food. Most B&Bs accentuate the importance of providing free ranging fresh farm eggs, local produce, or organic clean fruits, vegetables, jams, or berries. Many bnb owners enjoy gardening and provide you with home grown fruits, homemade jams, and “made from scratch breads” that hotels would not be able to cater to.

The Best Bed and Breakfast Website!

BreakfastandaBed strives to be the Bed and Breakfast Website online so customers can easily find a real bed and breakfast in the deluge of various available vacation rentals. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you'll experience something unique every travel night, and you’ll be well ensconced in the local flavor of the area you’re visiting. Even more, you’re B&B host can be your key information point for the best local restaurants and hard to find niche locations, such as museums, parks, or locally owned shops to find the perfect souvenir. So why stay at a generic hotel, or an AirBnB with no innkeeper? Our Real B&Bs on Breakfast and a Bed are licensed properties that are certified and inspected by their states, where required, so you’ll know that you’ll have a quality stay, with a unparalleled local experience. Especially if you are from a foreign country visiting for the United States for the first time, you will get no better help than that of a Bed and Breakfast owner. They can help you find great restaurants and those "hard to find" places you've traveled so far to see.  Even if your mastery of the English language is less than superb, a B&B owner may have more time to help you, rather than that busy matradee at a chain hotel.