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Welcome to Breakfast and a Bed!

We are a Bed and Breakfast Website designed to help you find real B&Bs in the midst of a world proliferated with vacation rentals. Here, you will only find real Bed and Breakfasts.

Remember to use the Search field below to find a B&B! You can say anything from"Skiing Boulder Colorado"to"Stargazing in Nevada,"or simply try a search by the City, State, or Country such as"New Orleans Louisiana USA."

Book a Real Bed and Breakfast and Leave the insipid Hotel Breakfasts Behind!

Are you ready to explore the world and choose a Bed and Breakfast as an alternative to staying in a chain hotel? Are you ready to turn away from those processed, bland hotel breakfasts? Well, try staying at a Romantic Castle with a regal breakfast, or perhaps organic farm B&B that serves fresh farm-to-table ingredients in a unique environment. Our accommodations will ensure your first meal of the day is healthy, plentiful, and complimentary! We designed our Bed and Breakfast website to let you explore one of a kind and beautiful Bed and Breakfasts in dream destinations and glorious vacation spots. We concentrate on accommodations located near National and State Parks, Natural Wonders, Lakes, Mountains, valleys, Rivers, and Oceans. Our B&B website only features highly reviewed, quality Boutique hotels, Eco-Friendly Lodges, Villas, Mansions, Spa Bed and Breakfasts, and Historic Inns in unique locations around the world. All these incredible places to stay provide an inclusive freshly prepared and healthy breakfast.

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Bed & Breakfast Destinations

Get inspired with ourInstagram Pageand ourTravel Blogto help pick instagramable B&B destinations for your next adventure, road trips or bucket list experience. Ignite your taste buds with our healthy authentic breakfast recipes by the best BnB chefs around the world for gourmet, keto, vegan and vegetarian modern travelers. Our bed and breakfast experiences are multifaceted life experiences that will liven up your intellectual conversations for years to come. So, make sure and follow us on our social media platforms to stay travel savvy!

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The Best Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfast properties, which are typically family owned and operated, have historically withstood a test of time by upholding a superb standard of excellence in hospitality, thereby placing themselves as the best alternative lodging to hotels and other types of franchised accommodations. With the emergence of Airbnb, which are generally self-catering facilities with no host on site, there is a real need to highlight what an authentic Bed and Breakfast really is, a hybrid between a hotel and an AirBnB. If you like to travel and save time, money, and energy, you have come to the best Bed and Breakfast listing site for any travel needs. Whether it’s a business trip, a romantic getaway, a road-trip, or an anniversary retreat, we will give you interesting ideas to match your vacation vision. Looking for new authentic ways to explore the world? Are you tired of large touristy crowds, boring hotel chain stays, or risky AirBnBs? Well, now you have a website that can help you find the best unique stay for your next two-week vacation, short staycation or road trip adventure.

Why choose a Real B&B? First, our B&Bs are real legal bed and breakfasts (when required by Federal and Local Law) located around the world in unique and historic places like National Parks, American and European archeological sites and memorials, museums, and other amazing adventures locations, emphasizing quality B&B stays that you can trust. Second, we feature only unique lodging stays that serve a real breakfast and cater to your dietary needs. Third, our loyal guests are always rewarded by booking direct, bypassing those menacing online travel agents (OTAs) like Expedia. We always provide you with the host’s contact information, so you can negotiate the best rate possible. Additionally, other exclusive member privileges such as free upgrades when available, complimentary treats, parking, and other amenities. Of course, these extras will vary according to each individual BnB policy, so read the descriptions. So, whether you’re looking for vacation ideas, a needed retreat, an anniversary getaway, or looking for a great place to stay, you’ve come to the right website.

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B&B Healthy Breakfast Options

Are you tired of powdered eggs and impersonal service at most chain hotels? Are you concerned about your health, your food quality, and the ingredients that are being used when you eat? Well, we have the best health conscious places for your travel needs! A real authentic Breakfast is always served at the best Bed and Breakfast properties. If requested, each breakfast can be specifically designed for modern and eco-friendly travelers who value local, home grown foods, and authentic experiences. Most BnB owners are not only your go-to local travel guides, they are also gourmet chefs who provide healthy vegan, vegetarian, keto, gluten free, dairy free, or any other reasonable request to cater to your specific dietary need. However, if you prefer traditional bacon and eggs, most of BnB hosts will do that too; even more, many of the Farm to Table bed and breakfasts go above and beyond by featuring organic milk, cheese, fresh fruit, and cage free eggs to make sure you’re only eating the best ingredients. So, forget about those over-tired hotel breakfasts and choose one of our best B&Bs.

An unknown fact of many Bed and Breakfasts is that they will sometimes offer multiple breakfast seating styles: 1) a private table Al fresco with a view or in a breakfast room. 2) A breakfast in bed option, which is an intimate breakfast setting, or, 3) a common area breakfast setting for those wishing to have great conversations with the owners, staff, and other guests. In addition, some bed and breakfast properties arrange for a Breakfast to Go option for those who prefer a great gourmet meal to-go to accommodate busy schedule, short vacations, and those who are trying to fit in as much sight-seeing as possible into a quick getaway. Most Bed and Breakfasts provide you with memorable experiences in a fine dining or a casual homestyle setting while serving the best gourmet high quality complimentary breakfast meals; and of course, impress you with superb and unparallel quality compared to any chain hotel experience. Again, why settle for processed foods, especially while you’re on vacation. Stay on the road less travelled; eat healthy and stay healthy while vacationing.

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Bed and Breakfast Near Me

Since we know our website visitors love to travel and blog, we have adjusted our B&B website to be a simple to navigate BnB directory with an advanced voice search function to help you find professionally run Bed and Breakfasts near your present location. It is also seamless to browse locations by country, state, or even by activity. Remember to always check our Bucket List B&Bs and find your next dream destination! From the Yosemite National Park in the US to the Roman Colosseum in Italy, we have authentic and historic inns near vacation spots to satiate the most modern travel blogger. Why search for a Real Bed and Breakfast? In contrast to short term rentals, our professionally run inns and Bed and Breakfasts offer much more than Airbnb properties where you have to search and filter results to find a bed and breakfast, and even then, you may end up at an illegal property, where your reservation may be cancelled at the last minute due to legal state restrictions. So why stay at an AirBnB when you can stay at a quality inspected Bed and Breakfast in a city you want to visit; moreover, what additional services do our travel hosts provide, and what can you expect from a professional B&B Property?

Have a better Vacation Experience! A legitimate BnB is not an impersonal hotel; professional hosts offer a healthy breakfast that matches your dietary needs, a personalized service to cater to your stay, and recommendations that match your style. Many luxury boutique hotels, listed on our site, feature king size beds, intimate pools, personal hot tubs, and resort style spas. The best way to travel is to find an off the beaten path outdoor adventure and get immersed in local culture and experience the unique arts at your destination. Our B&B Travel Hosts will be your best travel guide to arrange or book private sightseeing package deals, reserve dining at a local restaurant, bundle your stay with various bonus activities, or help you with any other aspect of planning your trip. This helps our guests have the best vacation since they are pre-briefed to avoid tourist traps, large crowds and time-wasting traffic delays. Travel smart: save time and money by enjoying your stay in one of our unique quality inns, and most importantly, get energized by a healthy complimentary breakfast for your world adventures. Just ask Google to "Find a B&B near me," or "Find a bed and breakfast near me", and click on We will hopefully have a wonderful authentic Bed and breakfast location near you!

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Bed and Breakfast Book Direct: Best Price Guarantee

How does our Bed and Breakfast Directory guarantee best prices? Well, our worldwide association of the best B&Bs have linked together to let the public know that you will receive discounts if you book directly with B&Bs on their official business website rather than work through an Online Travel Agent such as Expedia or Airbnb. These OTAs can charge listed properties up to 18% commissions on each and every booking, which in turn causes B&Bs to raise rates to cover the extra cost. Booking directly saves the innkeepers from having to pay exorbitant fees and commissions and thus that saving is passed on to the guests - See our travel blog article "Five Secrets of OTAs Revealed". Even more, you are not dealing with an impersonal hotel operator, but with an innkeeper who is on site and will provide you with discounted rates suited for your travel needs. Some B&B owners already posted promotional codes on their booking web-pages where you can save up to 20% if you book directly online with a property owner. Also, we welcome you to email or text our innkeepers so you could get more information about local things to do and the best local restaurants. To learn more about our Bed and Breakfast Directory read our blog article "A New and Modern Bed and Breakfast Directory Emerges".

Image inspiring you to visit inspiring locationsBreakfast and a Bed “Cool Carrots”

Most of our participating B&B properties and guest houses have a “Cool Carrot,” so those browsing our website directory can immediately see what is unique and extraordinary about that specific B&B. We are leading you, the reader, to the most exciting aspect of the Bed and Breakfast, which is the fact that there are no two Bed and breakfast totally alike! Each location has the local flavor of the area. For example, some B&Bs are also wineries that will be happy to share some local wine upon arrival, and some are “farm to table” properties where guests can savor some of their homemade cheeses and local fruit and figs. Even more, there are B&Bs that are bakeries that will delight you with their croissants, bagels, or other special breads made from family century recipes. Another example is Shiloh Chennault, one of the premiere properties on our website, which delights guest with its interactive museum, where guests may hold and touch Civil War artifacts excavated in the vicinity of Shiloh National Battlefield . Travel the world and experience each “Cool Carrot” found at our gorgeous privately-owned boutique hotels, American historic Inns, European guest houses, Italian casas, and Australian retreats. Save more time and save more money and get ready for your next adventure at our Real B&Bs that serve a Real Breakfast!.

Our Bed and Breakfast Vision is a modern Bed and Breakfast Directory that rests on an innovative vision to prioritize the breakfast experience for guests at legitimate Bed and Breakfast locations. Our Innkeepers provide personalized service and catered to the needs of the modern health-conscious traveler. We highlight the highest quality B&Bs both internationally and within the United States, so our site visitors can always feel comfortable with the real Bed and Breakfasts we have listed.

Unlike sites like AirBnb, our BnB directory gives you direct access owners and innkeepers so guests canBook Direct, which frequently guarantees the best possible rates. Again, in contrast to sites like Expedia and other OTAs, we do not keep the Innkeepers’ contact information away from potential guests, so they can always contact the best Inn or the best B&B directly with any questions. Our site works in multiple ways; first, feel free to do a direct search for Bed and breakfasts through our convenient voice-activated search bar, or second, you may simply browse BnBs through our country and state page categories, National park and other great getaway categories in order to find the best fit for whatever vacation activity you have in mind