Nevada Bed and Breakfasts

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Nevada Bed and Breakfasts are perfect for your next adventure

B&Bs can be the best places to stay and recharge while your exploring and discovering the great state of Nevada. From awe-inspiring stargazing locations for the astronomer to the viewing of spacious arid vistas that once traveled by 19th Century prospectors, you’ll never be disappointed as you travel and enjoy the grand diversity of this popular US State. Look for our B&Bs that are next to National Parks, and you will get a chance to see the best night’s view of a Milky Way galaxy free from the light pollution that is prevalent in high population areas. We suggest that you plan your Bed and Breakfast getaway far from crowded cosmopolitan cities such as Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City and enjoy some of the USA’s bucket list parks.

It’s always a good plan to stop during the evenings to rest up of the next day’s adventure at one of our Nevada B&Bs. Many hotels today have slamming doors and people checking in all night, which can easily lead to your being fatigued and cranky during the next day of your vacation. Bed and breakfasts are often outside city limits; hence, the are quitter, easier to get too, and of course have a better quality of breakfast adjusted for your dietary needs. In our blog, we discuss how to plan for the best road trip destinations so you can best utilize your vacation time.

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Nevada B&B Getaways and Adventures

Turn your Nevada road trip into a bucket list adventure by staying at an authentic Bed and breakfast that serves fresh local breakfast, which can be some of the best local cuisine in the state! Travel through Nevada’s scenic landscape surrounded by the soaring Snow-Capped Sierra Nevada Mountains, literally meaning “snow clad” from Spanish, and at night, stay at one of our B&Bs to ensure a restful night’s sleep so you’re not fatigued and exhausted for the next day of your vacation. We suggest the three locations to visit as you plan your next road trip adventure. First, go and explore the Lake Tahoe Northern Nevada lake area. Massive pine trees and rock formations enhance the beauty of your surroundings and will draw your attention away from the day to day grind. That’s why you’re on vacation, right? To get away from the norm and find a new adventure? So, go and hike one of the many Lake Tahoe’s Southern trails or take a gondola ride across the sky overlooking brilliant turquoise waters and lush green of Ponderosa Pines and Quaking aspen trees. And after you’re finished embracing nature, head to one of our bed and breakfasts to be rested up for your next vacation day.

Second, put some Navajo Flute music on in the car stereo and relax as you drive through the rest of the state’s wilderness and rocky terrain along the Pony Express trail or the Old Spanish Trail, and follow in the footsteps of American settlers. It will make you appreciate the modern conveniences of today that most of us simply take for granted. When your finished exploring, choose one of the historic ranch style inns near one of the sandy ghost towns or with the abundant bitter spicy sagebrush scent permeating your surroundings. Third, we suggest you avoid Las Vegas crowded hotels and choose a unique place to stay in Southern Nevada making day trips to Tule Springs Fossil Beds, Hoover Dam, and Lake Mead area. There is no lack of things to do, from touring the Dam to discovering fossils from the Jurassic era. So, no more excuses; get out there and plan an adventure to remember.