Maison Albion | Historic Inn

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+1 (360) 525-4207 | 45 minutes to Rochester and Buffalo | 65 minutes to Niagara Falls

45 minutes to Rochester and Buffalo | 65 minutes to Niagara Falls

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Bed and Breakfast | Maison Albion | Historic Inn

In the vast expanse of Maison Albion, a relic born unto the world in 1878, one witnesses the drama and elegance woven into its timeworn tapestries. Herein lies a majestic ballroom, a soaring testament to opulence, and sprawling grounds reminiscent of a forgotten French estate from the latter days of the 19th century. In these hallowed grounds, amongst the English Country gardens, guests are beckoned to partake in a pas de deux with nature, strolling amidst manicured lawns where whispers of bygone tales echo in the breeze. A pastoral canvas unfolds: the Great Lawn, a sanctuary for whimsical picnics; the Secret Garden, an enclave for clandestine rendezvous; and the handcrafted rowboat, a vessel for lovers to navigate the placid pond's reflective embrace. Four sanctuaries, meticulously adorned guest bedrooms, stand as havens in this storied manor, promising solace and reprieve. Betwixt the lively bustle of Rochester and Buffalo, Albion, ensconced in upstate's embrace, weaves a narrative of architectural grandeur and pastoral riches along the Erie Canal. It's a siren's call to weary souls seeking respite, a tranquil oasis where the town's essence beckons wanderers, offering refuge from the cacophony of neighboring cities, in a serenade of stillness and grace.

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Cool Carrot | Medina Falls | Just One Hour from Niagara Falls!

Picturesque Medina Falls is just a quick ten minute drive from Maison Albion, and within an hour you can view Niagara Falls, which stands as a majestic testament to nature's grandeur, captivating all with its awe-inspiring power and sheer magnificence.

+1 8088569692| 13800 W County House Road Albion, New York 14411| 45 minutes to Rochester and Buffalo | 65 minutes to Niagara Falls

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Maison Albion | Historic Inn

Amidst the tapestry of time, the Maison Albion, a grandeur born in the year 1878, stands adorned in opulence, with a resplendent ballroom and vast grounds evoking the charm of a late 19th-century estate in France. Its tenderly nurtured English Country gardens extend an invitation to guests, a haven of tranquility where one might wander or repose upon the carefully tended lawns. Here, wanderers may partake in a myriad of delights – from tranquil repasts upon the Great Lawn to intimate soirées under the veil of stars within the Secret Garden, or in moments of solitude upon a handcrafted rowboat that drifts, as gently as time, across the peaceful pond's embrace. For those in need of slumber's embrace, the manor offers four resplendently adorned chambers, promising a retreat of luxury. Nestled amidst the verdant tapestry between Rochester and Buffalo in upstate New York, Albion isn't merely a place but a repository of architectural splendor, verdant harvests, and the echoes of history from the Erie Canal's time-worn trails. It stands as a sanctuary from the discord of urban clamor, an oasis where travelers may seek solace amidst its scenic vistas and heritage, a refuge for those yearning for serenity amid life's bustling pursuits.

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Cool Carrot | Medina Falls | Just One Hour from Niagara Falls!

What is this B&B's cool carrot? Picturesque Medina Falls, a serene and captivating natural wonder, lies merely a brief ten-minute drive from the splendid Maison Albion. This tranquil oasis, nestled within the scenic tapestry of Medina, New York, exudes a serene allure, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its tranquil beauty and picturesque landscapes. Moreover, within a conveniently short hour's journey, lies the majestic spectacle of Niagara Falls, an awe-inspiring testament to nature's unparalleled grandeur. Renowned globally for its immense power and breathtaking magnificence, Niagara Falls stands as an emblem of nature's unfathomable force, enchanting and captivating all who behold its awe-inspiring splendor. The contrast between the tranquil charm of Medina Falls and the unparalleled grandeur of Niagara Falls provides a striking juxtaposition, offering visitors the opportunity to witness two distinct yet equally captivating natural marvels within close proximity. These marvels serve as reminders of the immense diversity and beauty bestowed by nature, inviting exploration and admiration amidst their awe-inspiring landscapes.

  • Romantic Getaway
    Lakefront B&B
    Breakfast Included
    125 to 800 USD

    National Park bed and Breakfast
  • Rochester, NY
    Buffalo, NY
    Niagara Falls
    Medina, NY

  • 4 Luxury Rooms
    Some Private Baths
    Romance Packages
    Luxury Linens

  • Gourmet Breakfast
    Flexible Breakfast Times
    Fresh Fruit
    Belgian Waffles

  • Historic Estate
    Check-in 3pm
    Check-out 10:00am
    Late Check-in OK

  • Zambistro
    Wild Flour Bakery


B&B Location

13800 W County House Road Albion, New York 14411| +18088569692

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The Suites | $125 to $800 Nightly

Maison Albion boasts four distinctive rooms, each intricately designed with French Provençal details and antique furnishings, offering a regal retreat. Expect luxury at every turn with opulent linens, robes, and personalized turn-down service for a truly lavish experience. Awaken to the aroma of a delectable homemade French breakfast served in the elegant Dining Room, setting the tone for a day of refined indulgence. The Primary Suite is a romantic haven, featuring a custom-crafted French baroque bed, a majestic 10-foot antique gold mirror, and an exquisite vanity, perfect for bridal moments and honeymoon bliss. The Marie Antoinette Suite, adorned in charming pink, provides a stylish space for esteemed companions. With a seventeen-foot resin vanity tabletop, antique sconces, and multiple stations for makeup and hair preparation, it's ideal for special occasions. Accommodating two guests, the suite also offers a trundle bed and shares a charming pink clawfoot tub with the Pink and Green Room. Step into tranquility in the Pink & Green Room, adorned in an Edwardian palette, boasting a serene ambiance. A four-poster bed draped in handmade French-inspired linens invites relaxation amidst the calm setting.

Embrace History | Enjoy the Tour!

In January 1832, Stephen A. Knaap acquired land near Medina, New York, known as "The Hickories" encompassing seven barns and two tenant houses. Samuel R. Howes became the subsequent owner in 1849, passing it to his son, Arthur C. Howes. The original 21-acre property featured apple orchards including varieties like Maiden Blush, Kings, Baldwins, Greenings, and the Twenty Ounce, alongside crops such as hay, corn, wheat, oats, potatoes, cabbage, and other fruits. Tenant buildings during Howes' ownership were considered "high-class" featuring modern amenities like gas lighting, hot water, and hot air heating systems. In 1879, the land passed to William Carr's first wife, Myrtie Carr, who constructed a home known as "The White Pillars" and allocated land for dairy cows. The house, initially Italianate in style, gained its distinctive pillars in 1914. In July 2020, “The Pillars&rdquo was purchased by the Glovers, initiating extensive restoration and development efforts to transform it into a bed and breakfast. This renovation aimed to honor its historical significance while providing accommodation for visitors from Rochester, New York, Buffalo, New York, and surrounding regions, offering a reimagined historic retreat for travelers to enjoy.

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Our Gourmet Breakfast

Step into an unparalleled morning experience with our exquisite Fabulous French breakfast service, meticulously curated to enchant our esteemed overnight guests. Within our esteemed quarters, we take immense pride in presenting a captivating array of culinary marvels exclusively crafted to elevate your day's beginning. This lavish morning affair showcases our skilled chefs' expertise, orchestrating a divine medley of handmade crepes, tantalizing waffles, fluffy eggs, savory bacon, and a harvest of locally sourced, farm-fresh fruits, ensuring a memorable commencement to your day. Central to this breakfast symphony are our artisanal crepes, a testament to culinary precision and passion. These delicate creations strike the perfect balance of thinness and fluffiness, offering a tantalizing texture that captivates the senses. Embark on a flavorful journey with our diverse crepe fillings and toppings, from the indulgent richness of Nutella to the freshness of handpicked berries, velvety whipped cream, and the opulence of maple syrup. Whether your cravings lean towards classic sweetness or explore savory delights like ham and cheese, our crepe selection caters to the most discerning palates. Complementing these divine crepes, our freshly made waffles showcase culinary finesse, promising an enticing sensory experience for breakfast enthusiasts. Indulge in this extraordinary morning ritual in the elegant ambiance of our Dining Room, where breakfast transforms into an exceptional gastronomic celebration

Delightful Day Trips in Albion and Medina, NY

Nestled in the scenic heart of Albion, New York, lies Maison Albion, a town celebrated for its charming architecture, bountiful agriculture, and historic landmarks tracing the Erie Canal's legacy. This idyllic setting offers a serene retreat from urban clamor, presenting a sanctuary amid the vibrant Western New York landscape. Positioned equidistant between the bustling cities of Buffalo and Rochester, Albion beckons guests with a mere 40-minute drive to savor the allure of metropolitan splendor, only to return to the tranquil countryside for rejuvenation. Whether arriving from neighboring states or a stone's throw away, Albion extends a warm embrace to all, inviting them to revel in its freshwater allure along the shores of Lake Ontario. Delight awaits in the form of distinctive cafes, culinary havens, and a tapestry of locally owned establishments, inviting exploration and immersion into the town's unique essence. For those marking celebratory occasions or relishing family connections, a sojourn through Albion's local gems is recommended. Begin with a delightful breakfast at Wild Flour, partake in leisurely strolls along the Erie Canal, indulge in a day of retail therapy along Main Street, and explore charming boutiques like Milk & Honey Boutique and other quaint enterprises. This refined depiction aims to capture the allure of Albion, highlighting its blend of countryside tranquility, cultural richness, and inviting local experiences in a more eloquent manner.

Bed and Breakfast Details

Breakfast Icon Breakfast Flexible
Arrive 3pm / Depart 10am
National Park Icon Near National Park
Q Queen Sized beds
P Free Parking
Free Wifi Icon Free Wifi
Romance Packages

Near Airport
Lake Icon Near Lake
Aquarium Icon Near Aquarium
Theater Icon Near Theater
 Near Winery Near Winery
Microwave Oven Microwave Oven
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