Inisfree Estate | Historic Inn

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+1 (269) 236-9700 | 15 min from South Haven and 45 min from Grand Rapids

15 min from South Haven and 45 min from Grand Rapids

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Bed and Breakfast | Inisfree Estate

Welcome to Inisfree Estate, where the echoes of history intertwine with the promise of new beginnings amidst the timeless allure of Southwest Michigan's lakeshore. Within our storied grounds, every corner holds a tale waiting to unfold, offering a sanctuary where the soul finds solace, and the spirit is stirred by the gentle whisper of the wind and the eternal dance of love's embrace. Within our 19th Century farmhouse, a symphony of luxury awaits, with ten resplendent suites offering solace to weary travelers and impassioned souls alike.

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Cool Carrot | Celebrate the Seasons

We celebrate the distinctive charm of the seasons through events like Garden and Vineyard gatherings in spring and Harvest Moon dinners in Fall!

+1 (269) 236-9700| 1073 62nd Street, Pullman, MI 49450| 15 min from South Haven and 45 min from Grand Rapids

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Inisfree Estate | Historic Inn and Bed and Breakfast

Welcome to the ethereal realm of Inisfree Estate, a cherished haven ensconced in the enchanting embrace of Southwest Michigan's lakeshore expanse. Here, amidst thirty verdant acres, our venerable sanctuary beckons with an aura of timeless allure, offering an opulent tapestry for the most intimate gatherings and grand celebrations alike. Behold our storied grounds, where whispers of history intertwine with the promise of new beginnings, where every corner holds a tale waiting to unfold. Step into our resplendent domain, where the echoes of bygone eras mingle with the gentle rustle of the breeze, where the warmth of our historic barn and the serenity of our pond view pavilion stand as testament to the enduring beauty of love's embrace.

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Cool Carrot | Celebrate the Seasons

What is this B&B's cool carrot? At Inisfree, we cherish the essence of each passing season, for within its shifting hues lies a distinct beauty waiting to be savored. As the gentle caress of spring envelops our estate, we delight in hosting Garden and Vineyard luncheons and dinners, where nature's bounty provides a sublime backdrop. With the onset of fall, we gather beneath the Harvest Moon for intimate dinners amidst the vineyard's embrace, or indulge in the simple pleasures of s'mores by the fire pit, where laughter dances with the crackle of flames. As winter casts its icy veil, our sanctuary transforms into a haven of warmth and comfort, offering the allure of sleigh rides through nearby landscapes or the intimate charm of fireside chats within our clandestine Speakeasy lounge. Amidst these seasonal shifts, we beckon you to embrace the art of relaxation, to immerse yourself in moments of leisure and reflection amidst the tranquil solitude that envelops our sanctuary. Let us curate your special weekend, where each moment becomes a celebration of the enchanting seasons!

  • Romantic Getaway
    Lakefront B&B
    Breakfast Included
    $340 to $410 USD

    National Park bed and Breakfast
  • South Haven
    City of Holland
    Maritime Museum
    Wyncroft Winery Estate

  • 10 Suites
    All Private Baths
    King Beds
    Spa Robes

  • Gourmet Breakfast
    Flexible Breakfast Time
    Fresh Organic
    Farm Eggs

  • Elite Luxury B&B
    Check-in 3pm
    Check-out 11:00am
    Late Check-in OK

  • Taste
    Salt of the Earth
    Coast 236
    Bowdie's Steakhouse


B&B Location

1073 62nd Street, Pullman, MI 49450| +1(269) 236-9700

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The Suites | $340 to $410 Nightly

In the opulent halls of our Inn, where time's delicate fingers weave tales of antiquity and modernity, one discovers the resplendent "Historic Suites" harkening back to the genteel 19th century. Each of these sanctuaries echoes with the whispers of bygone eras, yet graciously caters to the needs of today's discerning traveler. Imbued with the essence of yesteryear, yet adorned with the trappings of contemporary living, these suites offer a harmonious fusion of old-world charm and modern convenience. With their lavish furnishings and timeless elegance, they beckon guests to indulge in a luxurious sojourn that transcends time itself. And in the radiant splendor of our new wing, lies the captivating allure of the "Common Era Suites" - a testament to the vibrancy of the 21st century. Each of these sanctuaries, inspired by lands from the Copper Coast to the Emerald Isle, exudes its own distinctive persona, promising the pinnacle of guest comfort and satisfaction. Here, history intertwines with the present, as touches of antiquity and period antiques harmoniously converge to craft an ambiance of unparalleled sophistication. With seven suites, each a masterpiece in its own right, we invite our esteemed guests to partake in an experience where the boundaries of time blur, and the spirit of hospitality knows no bounds.

Embrace History | Enjoy the Estate!

Hailing originally from the South, I made Michigan my home after college, drawn by both the state's allure and the love of a native Michigander, resulting in a marriage now spanning forty-four years. My professional journey traversed various industries, promotions, advertising, hospitality, and design, ultimately culminating in the realization of my dream: INISFREE. With an abiding passion for hospitality, I now serve as the hostess and chef of our cherished Bed and Breakfast. Alongside me stands Bruce, whose unexpected foray into agriculture, following a career in finance, has seen him embrace roles he never imagined, tending to our vineyard and navigating the nuances of farm life. Together, we envisioned INISFREE as a haven of elegance, romance, and warmth; a sanctuary where guests could feel truly special and at ease. We invite you to immerse yourself in the experience we've crafted with care, and hope that the enchanting embrace of INISFREE leaves an indelible mark on your heart..

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Our Gourmet Breakfast

In the soft morning glow, indulge in the splendor of a sumptuous breakfast, crafted with the delicate touch of a chef. Behold a tableau of culinary delights awaiting your discerning palate: succulent fresh fruits cascading like jewels, tempting you with their vibrant hues; handcrafted granola, a symphony of crunch and sweetness, beckoning with promises of nourishment; pastries, baked to perfection, whispering secrets of buttery indulgence; organic eggs, their yolks like liquid gold, offering sustenance with each tender bite; local meats, sourced from nearby pastures, imbued with the essence of rustic charm. And do not worry, for your dietary desires are our command. We dance with joy at the chance to tailor our offerings to suit your whims and needs, ensuring that every morsel that graces your lips is not just a meal, but an experience—a symphony of sensations, a celebration of the senses.

History of Pullman Michigan

Founded in the mid-19th century, Pullman, nestled within Allegan County, Michigan, emerged as a pivotal center for both lumber and agriculture, leveraging its strategic location along key transportation arteries, particularly the Chicago and West Michigan Railway, to facilitate the movement of goods and people, thereby catalyzing its economic expansion and fostering a vibrant community. Over the ensuing decades, Pullman flourished as an industrial and agricultural hub, with its fertile lands and robust infrastructure attracting settlers, entrepreneurs, and laborers alike, shaping its cultural fabric and solidifying its status as a vital component of the regional economy. Amidst its rich history, Pullman has embraced its agricultural heritage, with local vineyards becoming a prominent feature of the landscape, contributing not only to the economic prosperity of the region but also to the cultural identity of the community, as residents and visitors alike gather to savor the fruits of the land and celebrate the unique terroir of Pullman's wines.

Bed and Breakfast Details

Breakfast Icon Breakfast 830am (flex)
Arrive 3pm / Depart 11am
K King & Queen beds
Firepit Icon Fire Pit
Farm Icon Farm Experience
Near Boating & Sailing Near Boating & Sailing
Pool Icon Pool onsite

Free Wifi Icon Free Wifi
No Smoking
Spa Icon Spa Onsite
Hiking Icon Outdoor Activities
Near Museum
Coffee in Suite
Housekeeping Icon Daily Housekeeping

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