5 Secrets of OTAs Revealed

5 Secrets of OTAs Revealed

Posted by Staff Writer on Dec 1st 2023

 1. Best Price Guarantee Claim, Is it True?

How does this affect B&Bs? Large hotel Chains often offer Expedia their discounted rooms that have not advance booked. So, you’re getting the left-over rooms that are most likely in less desirable locations; for example, facing the parking lot, or next the lobby where people are checking in all hours of the night. It's much better to book Direct and clarify the specific room you're booking at the best possible rates. Authentic Real B&B experiences vs Generic Hotel experiences is like Fine Dining vs a Cheap Fast Food Joint.Individual Owners' web sites can feature better rates to try and attract customers, but now OTAs like Expedia punish Innkeepers by lowering their listing priority as retribution for posting different rates on different websites, even more so if it the B&Bs direct booking web page.Remember, sometimes it’s better to call the B&B directly to get the lowest rate!

2. Expedia Search for BEST Rates function is Questionable!

Since Expedia owns Orbitz, Hotels.com, Travelocity, Hotwire, Trivago, Cheapo tickets, & E-booking, do they search for best rates within their own system where they set their own rates? Or is it purposeful to mislead customers that they are really searching on competitor sites?

3. Airbnb and Booking.com go for a bigger "Piece of a Pie.”

Now AirBnB go for Big Chain Hotels to integrate with Airbnb Plus; while Booking.com lists vacation rentals, Hotels, and Authentic Stays with B&Bs. Do you want to apply filters for hours to narrow down your search, and still be confused whether you are staying in a hotel or a Real B&B?

4. OTAs may display different prices based on your search habits and your personal identity.

Has it ever happened to you that your desktop computer displayed a different price for lodging than your other devices? Then, you can't figure out why prices changed after you switched devices, for instance, from iPad to your phone? Just think about why. Your personal identity matters!!!

5. Bundles and Reward Point system are questionable!

Ok. You have five thousand Reward points, but points are not available at certain locations. Frustrating? Did you know most of the time you pay the same or even more if you bundle? Marketing campaigns lead you to believe if you bundle, your price is better. Sometimes, booking all separately is actually less expensive.

Bottom Line: Authentic Experiences are Never Guaranteed through OTAs. Best Prices are Never Guaranteed through OTAs!!! Don't be misled by a "Point System Scam!” You deserve to know the Truth!!!

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