Six steps for Bed and Breakfasts to compete with OTAs and Chain Hotels via Social Media

Six steps for Bed and Breakfasts to compete with OTAs and Chain Hotels via Social Media

Posted by Staff Writer on Mar 1st 2024

At first look, it seems impossible for an independent Bed and Breakfast to compete with an Expedia and Airbnb since these companies can easily spend millions on advertising on a monthly basis. Even more, B&Bs do not have marketing departments working on publicizing their unique lodging on a national and international scale. And why do consumers prefer Hotel chains, when more than likely a B&B would offer more privacy, comfort, and definitely a better Breakfast? So, should we just throw up our hands and say “it is what it is, and deal with it,” or do we unite as innkeepers and make a plan and execute, and find a way take our community back. Please remember, that only real innkeeper led bed and breakfast website can truly make a difference. Most BnB properties worldwide have been negatively affected by a sale of to Expedia; all because real innkeepers were not in charge. Our directory is the only site established by real innkeepers who are truly dedicated to promote our community worldwide.

Image inspiring you to visit the United StatesInstagram and Facebook can help promote your B&B!

Step 1: Unite as a Global Community of Bed and Breakfasts on Instagram and Facebook!

Thousands of innkeepers already follow @breakfastandabed on Instagram. You may have already joined our B&B innkeeper led community or have been invited to join. Simply hashtag, tag, or direct message, and we will do our best to feature your unique property on our BnB Community Instagram page absolutely free. Direct message @breakfastandabed on instagram, and join our fantastic facebook group:" Love BnBs! Find Real B&Bs that serve a Real Breakfast!" where you can post wonderful photos of your place and invite your guests. Let the world know how awesome B&Bs are! Ask, not what the community can do for you, but what you can do for our Community! It is important for each B&B owner to Identify what his/her individual strength or superpower is. (It can be Writing, Marketing, Garden Tips, You Tube, Instagram, FB, Recipe Writing etc.)! Simply, contact one of the leading innkeepers at: , and we will be more than happy to publish an article for you if you have one about your area, local sights, or things to do.

Step 2: BnB Instagram Support Groups and Mutual Marketing

Stop relying on influences or marketing experts and establish small Instagram volunteer support groups. Through continuous education, we can grow as a community! Our Instagram account @breakfastandabed has established an example on how we can be more powerful. There are simple instagram steps,a BnB owner can follow to establish a strong social media presence through mutual cooperation with other innkeepers by featuring each other Bed and Breakfasts, mentioning other B&Bs in highlights, or featuring other area BnBs in stories. Guests, who currently follow you, will be happy to discover that they may stay in another beautiful property, and your effort to promote another unique place to stay will be reciprocated. It will be even more beneficial to feature international retreats, guest houses, or Italian casas from time to time. This cooperation among the innkeepers worldwide will establish a pattern of trust among our future customers. Some new Bed and Breakfast owners have more success in marketing their new properties than marketing gurus. There are a lot of Innkeeper success stories. Many owners already started it on a small level, and yes, it works. We may be in different parts of the world, but you will be surprised to find out how like- minded we are!

Image inspiring you to visit the United StatesLeaders find the issues and take steps to promote change.

Step 3:Write Bed and Breakfast Blogs and Contact Media

Use our cooperative joint effort in Writing Articles, Blogs, contact Media Worldwide to Publicize on an International Arena. There are hundreds of thousands of B&Bs around the world! In advertising just on a local and state basis, we lose! United, we win! Our International Guests need to Book Direct, not through OTAS. Now, that's the only way they can find us internationally, in most cases! Some say: yes, it is 15-18% commission, but at least, they booked your place! We CAN do better!! Yes, your voice matters! Simply write an article about your area, and your BnB experience, and publish it on your website. Submit your article for more visibility to drive more direct bookings to your business. Use exciting photos of your beautiful bed and breakfast and let your potential guests know that your unique place is not a generic hotel. Bed and Breakfast owners provide an incredible experience.

Step 4: Promote BOOK DIRECT for B&Bs on Social Media

Be active on Social Media to educate our Potential Guests what a Real Bed and Breakfast is and what incredible quality & value innkeepers provide! BnB owners from around the world post videos to encourage our guests to book directly with owners vs booking via Expedia, AirBnB, Booking, or other OTAs. The Hibiscus House in Ft. Myers, Florida; The Country House at Hunchy in Australia, and Shiloh Chennault Bed and Breakfast near Memphis,TN along with many other innkeepers constantly educate our potential guests that booking direct is more rewarding than booking through OTASs via posts, videos, and google photos. Innkeepers from around the world post inspirational promotions in our Facebook group where we also invite our guests to inspire them and communicate to them that booking direct provides a much better value. Most innkeepers provide their guests with special treats and upgrades if they book directly with the property. This needs to be constantly reiterated through multiple social media avenues.

Image inspiring you to visit the United StatesYou own a B&B, so you’re already a leader!

Step 5: A New Exclusive Facebook group for BnB owners- leaders

Some Bed and Breakfast owners volunteered to be leaders in our small closed Facebook Group that you may be invited. It is a great privilege to work with Regional Organizers and BnB administrators. The purpose of our Facebook group for our community leaders is to research, share experiences, and educate each other through mutual participation and extensive collaboration worldwide. In order to be more competitive with chain hotels and encourage booking direct vs booking through third party travel agents, we are continuously keeping up and stepping up our game by working with each other. Our international volunteer innkeeping team is dedicated to promote our community. For Example, Hibiscus House Bed and Breakfast owner has a great channel to promote Ft. Myers River district and highlight area activities for weekend trips or getaways. Innkeepers are travel hosts and area experts on local activities; therefore, get creative and utilize your talents to the best of your ability in our exclusive group.

Step 6: Develop Quality Links

Together, we are working on developing quality links, and you are welcome to join us. It is beneficial for BnB owners to create themed authentic vacation package deals by creating itineraries in cooperation with other owners. For instance, "USA Civil War Trips for History Buffs" highlights all US historic Inns near National Battlefields. Shiloh Chennault Bed and Breakfast near Shiloh National Battlefield has referred multiple guests to Bed and Breakfasts located in Chattanooga, Memphis, and Nashville, Tennessee to complete their guests' itinerary. Italian Casas have established their local network of unique stays and linked up to a myriad of authentic experiences. Linking up to each other's websites and linking to Breakfastandabed. com is a smart business strategy. Quality links among bed and breakfast owners, linking to all area activities, may be the best way to create an additional value for your guests to plan a stress free and easy to navigate itinerary for their upcoming vacation, a road trip, or a romantic getaway.

Image inspiring you to visit the United StatesThe world is smaller than you think. Together, we can help B&Bs around the globe.

Let Bed and Breakfasts shine like diamonds

Create a Global Awareness and Inform our Potential Guests about our True Value. Hotels Can Not Provide Authentic Experiences a Modern Traveler desires! We, 21st century innkeepers, are very progressive in our strategies and unique innovative marketing methods. It is our commitment to keep up with modern trends in technology through continuous improvement! Our goal is to appeal to modern travelers, generation Z’ers, and millennial travelers who are constantly leading current trends in travel, food, and entertainment.