A New and Modern Bed and Breakfast Directory Emerges

A New and Modern Bed and Breakfast Directory Emerges

Posted by Staff Writer on Oct 20th 2019

Breakfastandabed.com is a modern Bed and Breakfast Directory that rests on a vision to emphasize the breakfast experience for B&B guests at legitimate Bed and Breakfast properties. Our goal is personalized service and catered to the needs of the modern health-conscious traveler who constitutes the bulk of our guests. We offer the highest quality B&Bs in the United States and Europe that serve a modern breakfast designed to cater to dietary needs and preferences; hence, our site visitors can always feel comfortable booking a room or suite with the real Bed and Breakfasts we have listed.

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Why Choose our Website?

Unlike AirBnb, our BnB directory gives direct access to the innkeepers, so guests can " Book Direct", which will give travelers the best rate possible when seeking comfortable lodging. Again, in contrast Online Travel Agents (Expedia, Booking.com, etc), Breakfast and a Bed does not keep the Innkeepers’ contact information away from new guests, so they can always contact the B&B or Inn directly with any questions. Our site works in two ways; first, guests can perform direct search for B&Bs through our innovative voice-activated search bar, or second, you may easily browse through the Nation, Country and State pages, National park pages and other great getaway pages to find a good fit for whatever amazing activity you want to do.

How are We Different from other B&B Directories?

So, what sets Breakfastandabed.com apart from other BnB directories? First, our advanced google style search function, only available in Chrome view, allows you to not only search for great places to stay, but allows for you to search by the activity you want to do. For instance, if you’re searching for a bed and breakfast in a specific city such as "Memphis", just touch the microphone icon, say the city, and your results will be returned automatically. On the other hand, it you’re looking to explore a National Park, you could just say, " Shiloh National Battlefield", and a Bed and Breakfast like "Shiloh Chennault" will immediately be a search result, of course, with other B&Bs as well. Second, we exclusively list Real Bed and Breakfasts that serve a Real Breakfast in contrast to AirBnB vacation rental style properties that are mainly self-catering facilities (Breakfast is not provided).

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What is our Goal?

Our goal is to always utilize innovative technological and SEO marketing skills to surpasses other traditional Bed and Breakfast directories by providing the fastest and the best user-friendly website possible. As a result, Breakfastandabed.com is the only BnB directory that is more likely to provide greater online visibility in google searches, especially if users enter phrases like, "bed and breakfast near me", or "weekend getaway" to find a place for their anniversaries, birthdays, or other significant events. Most importantly, we do our best to highlight the most relevant Bed and Breakfasts near National Parks, Historic Sites, wineries, and other locations for romantic or weekend getaways, which are the main reason for most customers searching for a Bed and Breakfast. Since we only list Real Bed and breakfasts, in contrast with sites that intermingle hotels, Airbnbs, vacation rentals, our site will help those guests who are specifically looking for quality B&Bs that serve a real breakfast; hence, guests can feel comfortable that they will receive a hot breakfast, as opposed to no breakfast at all.

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal.

First, a fresh home cooked breakfast, reflecting authentic local flavor, is always served, and it is typically a gourmet or healthy style breakfast in order to cater to their guests dietary needs. Most B&Bs offer vegan, vegetarian, keto, or gluten free alternatives that most standard hotels do not and cannot accommodate. And as stated before, traditional self-catered style AirBnBs typically do not serve breakfast at all.

Second, our real Bed and Breakfast properties pay taxes, have licenses, are inspected, or work in compliance with the state or country’s specific requirements (if required). In stark contrast, most self-catering Airbnb properties do not comply with state requirements. In fact, cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Santa Monica, and Las Vegas already banning illegal AirBnB stays as derived from the most recent data of Investopedia. Moreover, the internet magazine “The Sun” states that most countries are battling with Airbnb illegal activity.

Third, our Bed and Breakfast owners are your smart-hosts with a wealth of knowledge about the local area and will assist you in trip planning by suggesting the best local sites, local guides, and other fun things to do in the area you are visiting. They save you time and money by local referrals, local discounts, and packaged deals with local guides and restaurants that TripAdvisor, chain hotels, and other OTAs simply do not offer. Also, our hosts are generally located on the property, yet another contrast with AirBnb hosts who are usually not onsite and do not cater to Airbnb customer’s specific travel needs.

Image inspiring you to visit the United States Real B&Bs in Australia are called retreats!

Vacation Travel Should Be relaxing

Travel should be carefree and enjoyable; so, skip vacation rentals, chain hotels and Airbnbs by letting our Bed and Breakfast hosts take care of you during your stay! Most BnB owners truly care about your experience by customizing your itinerary with a personalized service, and catering to your dietary needs, and always providing a complimentary homecooked breakfast that will definitely fuel your day. Get out, explore, and find an amazing adventure to remember on Breakfastandabed.com by searching our numerous category pages. We’ll see you soon!