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2 Steps to List a Real B&B

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Step 1: Choose your Listing Plan.

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A Bed and Breakfast Directory for Real Bed and Breakfasts is a modern Bed and Breakfast directory developed to support BOOK DIRECT. Our website is exclusively designed and optimized to only list privately owned Quality Real Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Casas, Chambres d’hotes, Australian Retreats, and historic inns from around the world that serve a healthy breakfast. We put emphasis on Breakfast because that is what real B&Bs do best, and this is what separates us from most Airbnb vacation rentals and hotel chains!

Another Bed and Breakfast Directory? Aren't there enough already?

Innkeepers around the world are happy that there is finally a global website exclusive to Real Bed and Breakfasts with NO COMMISSIONS. Our industry needs a way to uniquely separate ourselves from the over-crowded market of vacation rentals and educate the public on what a REAL Bed and Breakfast is. We emphasize great BOOK DIRECT savings and rewards our guests will have by using our directory to find your property.

Exclusive Quality Bed and Breakfast Listings

Our innkeeper led B&B directory is selective in listing high quality properties that maintain a standard of excellence. Only quality BnBs are approved or invited to join. is the only international directory for Real QUALITY B&Bs that always serve a REAL breakfast! If you are looking to list vacation rentals or BnBs without breakfast, this is not the site for your property.

Listing is Exclusive

Use the Contact Us Buttons if you have questions about listing, or want to check if a City, State, or Region Feature is available for your Real Bed and Breakfast, Inn, Guest House, Casa, or Retreat. Of note, Featured Listings are limited to 5 B&B per City, State, or Region to keep those listings highlighted for customers.

3 Steps to List a Real B&B

Step 1: Choose your Listing Package. If you have any questions about whether a featured City, State, or Region listing
is still available, or any other question, contact us via email at, or simply give us a call or text at 731-434-5959.

  • All Plans Include

    Book Direct feature
    SEO Optimization
    Easy Contact Tools
    10 Optimized Images
    Interactive Carousel
    National Park bed and Breakfast
  • Budget Plan

    $7 99 Month
    1 Search Category
    1 City Listing
    8 Quicklook Icons
  • Standard Plan

    $9 99 Month
    3 Search Categories
    2 City Listings
    12 Quicklook Icons
    Photo Editing
  • Elite Plan

    $18 99 Month
    12 Search Categories
    3 City Listing
    22 Quicklook Icons
    Pro Photo Edit

    Advanced SEO
  • City Featured

    * Limited to 5 B&Bs per City

    $28 99 Month
    Elite Plan +
    Feature on City Page
    Text for Availability*

    Luxury B&Bs Only *
  • Elite Featured

    * Limited to 5 B&Bs per City

    $38 99 Month
    Elite Plan +
    Featured 2 City Pages
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    Luxury B&Bs Only *
  • Elite + State*

    * Limited to 5 B&Bs per State

    $78 99 Month
    Elite Plan +
    Featured on State Page
    Featured 2 City Pages
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    Luxury B&Bs Only *
  • Elite + Region*

    * Limited to 5 B&Bs per Region

    $88 99 Month
    Elite Plan +
    Featured State/Region
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    Luxury B&Bs Only *

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3 Best reasons to list your B&B!

We strive to be the most modern and optimized B&B directory for Real Bed and Breakfasts and support Book Direct only, with no commissions. Customers are directed to your website!

We are select in our listings, so B&B quality will remain consistent on our website and customers will return regularly for new B&B experiences.

We promote and feature your B&B on Instagram, Facebook Groups, and Youtube. And don't forget, because our quality and content are high quality, you can use your Breakfast and Bed page as your official website to save on cost.

Re-define the Bed and Breakfast!

The terms Bed and Breakfast, B&B, and BnB have become convoluted and permanently intertwined with vacation rentals. Our industry needs a way to uniquely separate ourselves from the over-crowded market of vacation rentals and instruct the public on what a REAL Bed and Breakfast really is; That's why we created because Real B&Bs always serve a REAL breakfast, and that's where we place our emphasis!

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Listing Requirements

Your B&B must serve Breakfast and be a Real B&B: If a business license is required where you are, you must have one!

Your B&B must offer Book Direct discount (these discounts are up to you. We sugget that you offer a $5 - $10 reduction per night if customers book directly with you).

You must have a high review rating. Further, you must have the ability to send and receive text messages: ( We will do a study of your reviews to ensure your B&B is offering a quality breakfast). Even more, Breakfast must be available and inclusive.

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Why you should list your Bed and breakfast, Inn or Guesthouse now!

We strive to be the most modern and advanced Bed and Breakfast Directory in the Industry to ensure we bring you the most direct bookings possible from our visitors. We support Book Direct and always lead the customer directly to your webpage, all while providing easy to use contact tools so you never miss a booking. We are also selective in our listings to ensure the highest quality group of B&Bs, so customers learn to trust that they always get a positive experience at Breakfast and a Bed properties. So, what are you waiting for? Select a plan from the horizontal scroller above and list your Quality Real Bed and Breakfast, Guest House, Casa, Chambres d’hotes, Retreats, or historic inn.

What are the B&B Listing Requirements?

Your property must serve Breakfast or have breakfast on site. We are not a site for vacation rentals and want to make sure that our customers wake up and are energized with a healthy breakfast so they can continue the day’s adventure. Your property must have a high review rating. Moreover, it allows us to check whether or not you are serving breakfast at your property. We also wish to provide only the best and fastest booking experience for potential customers, so your property must be able to communicate over SMS text messaging and the free service Whatsapp text messaging app.

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Unite as one community and push aside Lone Ranger Mentality

Our new website will only be successful if we band together as an industry! Re-branding the name "Bed and Breakfast" to "Breakfast and a Bed" property will let the public know that you are a Real Bed and Breakfast. As we say: We are turning the Bed and Breakfast Industry Sunny-side Up! However, you may be telling yourself, "I'm doing just fine, and I don't need any help," but we say, "You definitely do because a majority of people in the world think you are running a vacation rental!" Yes, most of the public does not know the difference between conventional Airbnb and a conventional American Bed and Breakfast, British Guest House, or Australian Retreat. More importantly, I bet you have lowered your rates to compete with the vacation rentals who have little or no overhead! Have we convinced you yet?

We are an Innkeeper Led Organization is directed by Innkeepers, and not run by some disinterested company. If we join forces and let our customers know that they can find Real Bed and Breakfasts on, our customer base can begin to shift. We can gradually make a change at the grass roots level and help each other gain customers. Together, we can create a trusted website where travelers of all ages can browse for their next romantic getaway, road trip or hiking adventure!

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Listing is Exclusive to Quality Real Bed and Breakfasts

Our properties focus on providing unique accommodations, and all will provide authentic, gourmet breakfast experiences that will win the trust of current B&B customers. Additionally, most will provide keto, vegetarian, and organic breakfasts upon request, which will attract and develop loyalty among a large pool of potential guests such as Millennials, which are the majority of US travelers, and Generation Z, the second largest category of US travelers. Breakfast and a Bed takes a broad approach toward demographics to bring the greatest number of potential customers your way!

Together, we can Make a difference as a Global Community of Real B&Bs

The terms BnB and Bed and Breakfast have become convoluted and permanently intertwined with vacation rentals. As a result, our customers are confused what a real bed and breakfast is. Most millennials and generation Z-ers don’t really know the difference between a Bed and Breakfast and AirBnB vacation rentals is. When customers search for” bed and breakfast near me”, Google provides multiple results, intermingling motels, hotels, chain inns, vacation rentals and Real Bed and Breakfasts. Therefore, our customers are browsing for hours to find a quality real bed and breakfast.

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United Real Bed and Breakfast Listings will develop a Globally Trusted Brand

Our customers need a Bed and Breakfast directory for Quality Real Bed and Breakfasts. Our website serves this purpose in helping our guests search for trusted quality properties. Our innkeeper led staff carefully reviews each BnB listing with a comprehensive Quality Assurance program to confirm that we are delivering the best brand of quality Bed and Breakfasts worldwide. Re-branding a term “Bed and Breakfast” and helping our customers search for Real Bed and Breakfasts is our goal to alleviate our customer frustration.

How uniting with our directory as community of Bed and Breakfasts can benefit you

If we band together as an industry, we will be extremely successful, As there is no other directory specifically designed for Real Quality B&Bs worldwide. Our site provides a platform to fill in this industry niche, and with our innkeeper led quality assurance program we will push aside all vacation rental type properties aside. Our guests are looking for unique off the beaten path experiences with authentic healthy breakfast that only Bed and Breakfasts can provide. Our collection of beautiful privately owned guest houses and inns will ensure that our guests choose our directory time and time again to search for their specific lodging needs. Our Bed and Breakfast owners are the best experts on their local area and are wealth of secrets of best ways to explore the local attractions; therefore, uniting as a worldwide community of quality B&Bs will provide value to the innkeepers and our customers, and we will continue to grow.

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First, we use table tents and logo displays to let consumers know where to find Real B&Bs!

We have established a way to spread the word quickly! We have made a " table tent pdfs and display card pdfs." These are documents that you can print out on photo paper and display in your rooms. Also, you can display one on your B&B's information board. Let the world know that the B&B industry is alive, and we are fighting back! Proudly display your table tents and bring them to the attention of your guests. When you list your B&B you will be directed to a Google drive where you can download the PDFs.

Second, we create a Customer Loyalty Program:

Keep our guests coming back by offering them Exclusive Customer Memberships (that are free). Not surprisingly, most innkeepers already give these types of benefits to all their guests. (since customer membership is free, I don't see why any guest would not sign up; can you?)

Third, we relieve customer anxiety by placing the logo on B&B direct Booking pages.

OTAs feed on customer anxiety. In fact, 85% of customers will not BOOK DIRECT because they don't trust small businesses with their credit card information. Even more, they are turned off by stringent Bed and Breakfast cancellation policies. Moreover, they do not want to be redirected from one website to another; it causes anxiety and insecurity when making reservations.

The Importance of the Logo

With a Logo on your website's booking engine, the customer is not as shocked when they arrive to BOOK DIRECT on your website. Hopefully, the customer will see the logo and understand that we are all under one organization, even though the page is not quite similar. Most B&Bs use ThinkRes, Evivo, Resnexus, or other channel managers to handle booking calendars and online reservations. We asked our channel manager to add the logo next to our B&B's name, and it looks great! We truly believe that customers will feel more comfortable because your B&B is a member of our association! When you list your Bed and breakfast you will be directed to a Google drive where you can later download the PDFs.